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Being a hands on family owned and operated business that takes pride in handling every aspect of our business we provide the best possible result for each customer.  

Please contact us to set up an appointment as we will be happy to meet with you.

Our Business:

Barnes Buildings began in Alvarado, Texas back in 2002. Many of our customers are referrals from friends and past customers that have become friends, while the majority of our business comes from repeat customers either expanding existing products or have the need for the construction of additional new products.

Our Goal:

To provide a superior product for the community at an affordable price that is long lasting and virtually free of maintenance.

Our Products:

Built of 15 gauge galvanized steel tubing and a variety of gauged steel options. A building can be raised as high as a 14 foot leg. Constructed of galvanized steel means there is no need for painting and the building will not rust making it completely maintenance free.

A custom metal building can be constructed on a concrete slab or installed on the ground using cement anchors.

We at Barnes Buildings being a part of the rural community understand the need for outstanding storage, protection and security of our work equipment as well as our recreational equipment. Barnes Buildings also understands the importance of the reliability and the time saving factors built into that protection.

Our own need is what created the very products we offer each and every customer so you can rest assured the quality built in to a building is as if we built it for our personal use.

Those products include galvanized steel buildings, garages, carports, barns, rv covers, boat docks, storage sheds, roof overs, metal fencing, and concrete in ground storm shelters.

Our Recommendations:

Just as you we expect our buildings to be tough but times can be tough as well. A tough building we need....tough times we don't.

When what you really want or need is a garage with a large storage area or just would like to protect your new paint or wax job don't settle for less. Instead go big! Why not start out with a large carport?

A large carport built to a size that will provide more than enough room can be concrete anchored right to the ground providing the strength you desire at a much more affordable price you need.

As your budget strengthens so can your carport strengthen with the addition of walls when you're ready. Once all your walls are in and your ready again for the next step of a concrete slab it can be poured using the completed building as your form. No settling whatsoever on your part because now the ultimate building really wanted is complete.

For more ideas and suggestions on how to design a building just for you please be sure to contact us and we'll gladly show you some potential layouts.

Don't wait until those damaging winds or even a tornado are right at your door, it will be too late then to protect your most valued possessions.

Please for your welfare don't hesitate to contact us about doing an in ground concrete storm shelter installation. We can have one completely ready to go in only a week.

Check with us soon!

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